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Alesis VideoTrack Handy Recorder : Review


Easy upload on YouTube and Facebook

This device makes the video recording easy and fast and can upload videos to YouTube, Facebook and so on in a moment, thanks to the dedicated button. A bundled software, only for PC, not for Mac, allows a fast organization of the material. It can work also like a camera with flash, so you can take pictures that will be compressed in the JPEG format.

Video specifications

In spite of the small dimensions, it makes a good job, thanks to a new and advanced DSP.


640 x 480 at 25~30 fps. It is the ideal for Internet. So, if you want to share your creations on YouTube, Facebook and so on you don't need nothing else.


MP4, a standard. It is valid. It provides a good quality and an excellent compression.


  • Auto white balance
  • Auto exposure

Other features


The VideoTrack makes a good job, thanks to a pair of high-quality stereo condenser microphones. It features a 3-position switch for the gain level setting.


All is stored in an SD card (or SDHC). In the box is included a 2GB card.

With the battery or with the USB power adaptor

It can work with a rechargeable battery or, otherwise, with the USB power, thanks to an optional adaptor (sold separately).


After the recording you can watch your videos directly on the TV. It features a composite output (shared with the headphones). The cable is included in the box.

ArcSoft MediaImpression

A software for the organization and the upload of the videos. It provides a dedicated button for YouTube.

The firmware

It can be easily updated. Installation instructions are very easy and the procedure is much fast, but the upgrade can be performed only with a Windows system. At the moment the firmware version is the 1.24b.

Comparison with other similar products

Let's see the comparison with two very interesting Zoom recorders, Q3 and Q3HD.

640x480 (25~30fps)640x4801920x1080 or 720p
MPEG-4MPEG-4MPEG-4 or H.264
PAL/NTSC (shared with headphones)PAL/NTSC (dedicated)HDMI
ArcSoft MediaImpressionHandyShareHandyShare

General opinion

Some basic functions for a good job, a valid audio and a remarkable accessories set. If you are looking for a fast and easy recorder, this Alesis device can be a valid choice. My opinion is that, considering the low price, the VideoTrack is a good product.

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