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Alesis TwoTrack Handy Recorder : Review


Simplicity and quickness

It has been designed to be really easy and fast to use. It doesn't feature a complex menĂ¹ or editing functions, but only basic controls. So, it is very simple, with two condenser microphones and with the well-known Alesis quality.

Only the necessary minimum

It provides only a gain control and a led to avoid signal distortions. Everything is immediatly accessible, as you can see in this image.


Additional controls

Few things: the volume, some basic functions, the files organization, and the slot for the SD card, or SDHC. The same slot provides the USB port.

Additional controls

The tripod

It can be mounted on a tripod for a more comfortable recording. This option can be useful for a musician, for instance. It isn't included.



We must say that with a small additional cost you can buy other portable recorders with more functions than the TwoTrack. Anyhow, this Alesis product is valid.

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