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Alesis PalmTrack Handy Recorder : Review


Flexible and modern

Four microphones for a real stereo or omnidirectional recording and a great flexibility, that makes it useful in a wide variety of contexts. The user can choose if he wants to use two or four mics or an additional microphone, thanks to the 1/8" input. In addition, it provides hardware controls for gain settings, level and sample rate, so to be fast and easy to use. All the material is stored on an SD Card, up to 16GB. The USB connection provides an easy and fast way to connect the PalmTrack to the PC.

MP3 or WAV

The MP3 format can go from 64 to 320kbps, while WAV can be 16 or 24-bit. The user can choose a sample rate of 44.1kHz or 48kHz.

Audio settings

Alesis has designed the PalmTrack to be a complete recording system, also in a mobile context. It features a bass compensation function for reducing the proximity effect, the Auto Mic Gain or a switch for the manual adjusting of the mic level from high to low. In addition, it provides some basic effects like Reverb, Pitch Shift, Chorus and Delay.


It features all the necessary. Everything is direct, fast and easy. I have to say that the price, approximately 190 Euros, is very good.

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