Zoom R24 Multi-track Recorder : Review


Perfect for the Home Studio

Up to 8 tracks for the simultaneous recording, so it is a valid solution for a small band or an home studio. 24 for the playback. WAV format, with a sampling rate of 16/24-bit and 44.1/48-kHz.

The audio interface

8 inputs and a stereo output that can be used simultaneously. The A/D and D/A conversion at 96kHz and 24bit, Delta-Sigma, ensures a great quality of the signal, and the built-in tuner is very useful for a fast tuning of your instrument.

The controller

If you work with a software you know how much is difficult and annoying the control of the various modules with the mouse. The R24 is an excellent solution to the problem. All the functions, like stop, play and so on, and the mixer can be controlled via the faders. Obviously, the system is compatible with all the most used softwares, like Cubase or Logic.

The drum machine and the sampler

The user can create loops with WAV files and, with the help of the display, he can correctly set the intervals. With the built-in pads you can build your own rhythm patterns and the time-stretching function can change the tempo without changing the pitch. It includes 10 types of ready-to-use drum kits but, like i said, you can create up to 511 original drum kits. In addition it is equipped with a metronome.

The synchronization

It can be paired, through the USB, with another unit, so to get a system that provides up to 48 tracks. The synchronization is possible with an R16 too.


150 ( Insert or Send & Return), with 390 patches that can be used in all the signal flow, from the input to the mastering. In addition it is equipped with a powerful amp simulator, derived from the Zoom G2.1Nu, with 18 amps for guitar and 6 for bass.

General opinion

The R24 is really a complete digital recorder at an excellent price. For your home studio, or for a small band, it can be an excellent solution for music production. Really valid.

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