Zoom MRS-8SD Multi-track Recorder : Review


Interesting functions for a fast and comfortable job

Eight tracks, each one with 10 virtual channels. In addition is available a single track for the bass. A large number of editing operations: copy, move, delete, Reverse, trimming and so on. The user can set up to 100 markers for song with dedicated keys to access them.

The 24-bit digital mixer

It features many controls for all the most important parameters, like, for instance, a parametric equalizer, the Send & Return and the panning. All the settings are saved together with the project, so they will be recalled when the user will open again the project.

The drum and bass machine

The MRS-8 provides a built-in drum and bass machine with dedicated touch-sensitive pads. The user can store up to 511 patterns! It features really many functions that cannot be simply synthetized in this review. The manual explains all the functions and how to use it.

The multi-effects

94 different types. Zoom is a famous company for the quality of the effects and with this product it doesn't disappoint. They are grouped for each input (guitar, mic and line).

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