Zoom HD8 Multi-track Recorder : Review


Modern and professional

It belongs to a Series that includes also the HD16. Features are the same, the only differences are the available tracks and some functions. Both are available also with an included CD writer.

Trimming, fade-in, fade-out and up to 100 markers

Eight tracks for the playback and two for the recording, more ten virtual channels. This device provides powerful and advanced editing functions, like the trimming for the length of the track, the fade-in and fade-out, the reverse of the track, the pitch correction, the pitch shifter and much other. Each project can include up to 100 markers and the A-B repeat function, so a specific sequence can be played repeatedly. An important feature is the included looper, with 96 presets. Thanks to this function you can create a base for your own music in a moment. It stores all the audio material on a large 80GB hard disk, in WAV format and with a 16-bit/44.1kHz sampling.

The digital mixer

Each channel features a dedicated 3-band equalizer, two effects sends and the panning control. If the user wants to monitor an individual track, it provides a solo function. It can store up to 100 settings, so you can quickly recall them together with the saved projects. Two combined XLR-1/4" inputs with the phantom power and an high-impedance switch so to connect without problems every instrument type, like guitars, basses, keyboards and so on. When the user is ready for the final mastering, it provides both analog outputs (RCA) than an optical output (S/PDIF).

The drum & bass machine

The user can create a rhythm track in a moment, thanks to 475 presets that cover a wide range of styles. In addition, it features some touch-sensitive pads to create a personal rhythm line. More. It includes a software plug-in for programming new patterns, or for editing the existing patterns.

The multi-effects

130 different types and 370 ready to use patches. They are organized in modules for each instrument, and provide many parameters for a deep editing. In addition, 18 guitar amp models and 6 bass amps.

Final conclusions

Recently, it has been substituted with the MRS-8, so the HD8 can be a good purchase, in my opinion, if used.

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