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Yamaha AW4416 Multi-track Recorder : Review


Do you remember the 02R?

It can be considered the famous 02R digital mixer plus a section for the recording. It is therefore an all-in-one system with the necessary for a complete job, up to the mastering. This Yamaha product, notwithstanding has been discontinued, provides an audio quality, features and a range of connection options that is difficult to find on the market. Let's see the main features.

Audio specifications

16 or 24-bit, with an internal processing at 32-bit. The sampling frequency can be 44.1kHz or 48kHz with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. The harmonic distortion, a very important value, is 0.02%. The typical dynamic range is 104dB. The A/D converters are at 24-bit with an oversampling of 64x. The D/A converters are always at 24-bit with an oversampling of 128x.

Inputs and outputs

A large number of possible connections, analogic and digital. Built-in or optional. It features 8 analog inputs, more a digital stereo. With the optional I/O interface card the user can add 16 analog or digital channels. With regard to the outputs, it features all the necessary to be extremely flexible with a total of 20 outputs.
It isn't equipped with the USB, but there is a SCSI connector.

Many possibilities for the connections

EQ and dynamics

The AW4416, like the 02R, features professional and quality controls, for EQ and dynamics, on all the input channels and on the main stereo outputs. The Yamaha 02R, perhaps the most famous digital mixer in the world, is well known for its equalization section and this device, like we said, provides the same 4-band EQ, fully parametric. In addition, each channel is equipped with a dynamics control.

The full automation

Well, i'm always repeating the term "professional", but not accidentally. It features a full automation of faders, pan and EQ. The only thing you have to do is to recall the scene memories and it will position, automatically, faders and knobs.

Two multi-effect processors

A large number of effects for all the stages of your work, from the recording to the final mastering. Reverb, delay, flanger, chorus, rotary, amps simulations, distortions and so on. The list is complete and the quality is excellent.

General opinion

Well. Let's say immediatly that, in this review, i have summarized only some of the most important features of the AW4416. Yamaha discontinued it, but it's just this that makes it so interesting. You can buy it, obviously used, at a price of 600, 700 Euros. It is absolutely perfect for the Home Recording.

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