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Yamaha AW2816 Multi-track Recorder : Review


16 or 24 bit

A total of 130 tracks: 16 physical, 8 virtual for each physical and a stereo track. The sampling frequency can be 44.1kHz or 48kHz. It features an "All Rec" mode that allows the simultaneous recording of the 8 physical inputs.

For the data

The material can be stored in the built-in 20GB hard disk, but the original can be replaced with another one (up to 64GB). In addition it provides some optional adapters for two or more drives. Up to 6.4GB for a single song and up to 30.000 songs for a single disk.


Non-destructive. A very interesting function is the search for locate points while viewing the audio waveform on the large display. Fast and easy. Comments for each song and a very useful calendar make the organization of the job easy and comfortable.

The mixer

Anyone knows the 02R, a very famous Yamaha product. Well, the built-in mixer of the AW2816 is a 02R version inside a recorder with many of the most important features and the same performances. The signal conversion is at 24-bit with an internal processing at 32-bit.


8: two XLRs, with Phantom Power, for microphones, and 6 TRSs. The channel 8 is an Hi-Z input for the direct connection of the guitar. In addition, a digital stereo and an optional card that provides eight additional inputs.

The motorized faders

It is equipped with 60-millimeter motorized faders, so it will automatically adjust the position when you switch between the memorized scenes.

EQ and Dynamics on each channel

Each input and the main stereo output feature a 4-band EQ and a dynamics processor. The AW2816 provides a complete library of ready to use settings for EQ and dynamics. They are really well realized and for every context you have a pre-configured patch.


A large collection for guitar, or other instruments, voice or for the final mix. Obviously, the quality is of high level. The DSP is the same used in the 02R and in the AW4416.

General opinion

Well, Yamaha discontinued this multi-track recorder, but this, certainly, doesn't mean that it is not a valid product! You can buy it, obviously used, with 600 Euros, approximately. At this price it can be really an excellent solution for a professional job, with the added value of the motorized faders, the mixer and a great overall quality.

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