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Yamaha AW16G Multi-track Recorder : Review


The intuitive interface

It provides many professional features with an intuitive interface for the setup. The user can assign inputs to the tracks via the Quick Rec, that will be visualized on the display. The navigation between the functions is fast and easy, thanks to dedicated buttons.

All for a good job

16 tracks, each with 8 virtual channels. 8 for the simultaneous recording. I 24-bit garantiscono un audio cristallino e l'editing è piuttosto avanzato.


The Quick Loop Sampler

You can quickly make drum grooves and add them to the material thanks to this function. It comes with 250MB of samples, loops and drum kits. Alternatively you can use built-in pads or import patterns with the CD-RW.

The Slice function

It has been designed to match the tempo of the loops with the tempo of the song. Everything is fast and easy, even for the beginner.

Quick Loop

The mixer

You can quickly select the channel on which you want to operate and then you will be able to adjust the dynamics on the fly or to filter the sound through a 4-band equalizer. After this you can add professional effects, with two high quality processors and many patches designed for voice and instruments.

Signal flow during the mixdown

The mixdown is the creation process of the stereo file starting from the material in the tracks.

Signal flow

The Sound Clip

A separate memory up to 180 seconds. When you are practicing or simply during the job, this function continuously records the audio source. If you want to reuse a phrase or any other thing, you can cut it quickly and easily. The new clip can be applied immediatly to any track.


Really complete. More than 200 pages with all the instructions, the specifications and the explanation of every effect and parameter.

Much valid in every situation

The AW16G has been designed for professional recordings, this is clear. It features all the necessary to make a complete job, from the beginning to the end, and everything is of high quality. The MIDI section, much complete, allows to use it like a control interface and the built-in effects satisfy in every possible context. Well, the price is certainly excessive, at the moment, but we know, Yamaha is never cheap. In my opinion, it can be a good purchase if used. It is a perfect solution for a small band or a single musician.

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