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Yamaha AW1600 Multi-track Recorder : Review


16 or 24 bit

At 16-bit are available 8 tracks for the recording and 16 for the playback. At 24-bit 8 for all the operations. In addition there are 8 virtual channels for each physical track. The sampling frequency is 44.1 kHz. The material and all the settings can be stored in the Songs, for a maximum number of 100. Really many editing possibilities. In the manual there is a complete explanation of every function. To complete the job, Yamaha has equipped this device with a 40GB hard disk and with a CD-Writer.

The Mixer

First of all there is a complete set of inputs and outputs, balanced and unbalanced, XLR or 1/4". The microphone preamps are really of high quality and each channel provides separate controls for compression, Gate and the 4-band equalization. The dynamics control is really total. Obviously, like on a professional mixer, the user can use a stereo Monitor Out and an effect return (stereo x 2).

The multi-effects

Two separate processors with send & return. We can use all the usual effects like reverb, chorus, delay, pitch shifter and so on, more various patches designed specifically for voice and instruments, and a complete and professional speaker emulator for electric and acoustic guitars.

Expensive, but really valid

Well, an excellent device, even if we cannot consider its price cheap, but quality costs, and the AW1600 is a great recorder with all the necessary to get a professional result. My opinion is that this machine can be a great bargain, above all if used.

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