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Tascam DP-03 Digital Portastudio Multi-track Recorder : Review

DP-03 Digital Portastudio

8 tracks and the CD-RW

8 tracks for the playback and 2 for the simultaneous recording. This feature makes it a valid solution for a single musician, but not for a group. The front panel features a pair of condenser microphones, nine 45mm faders and many knobs for all the functions. The display, rather small, can be used to control the workflow, but it is not very comfortable.
It can store data to SD or SDHC cards, but it is equipped also with a built-in CD-RW.

Inputs and outputs

Two XLRs with Phantom Power for condenser microphones and two 1/4". A switch makes them available for the direct signal of an instrument (guitar or bass). Two RCA outputs.


Only for playback and mastering. It provides 6 different reverbs, a 2-band EQ and a compressor for each track.

Tuner and metronome

Two useful instruments for the musician. Each with a dedicated button.


It explains all the functions and how to view the firmware version. For the upgrade there are no informations.

General opinion

Well, i have to say that the DP-03 isn't convincing. It isn't a low-cost product, but the user can record only two tracks at a time, and it provides only some reverbs and a simple equalization. Too much expensive.

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