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Tascam DP-02 Digital Portastudio Multi-track Recorder : Review

DP-02 Digital Portastudio

A knob for each function

It belongs to the Portastudio series, that is famous for its philosophy: A knob for each function. Everything is direct and immediate. The front panel provides controls and faders for level, pan, effects, equalization and all the necessary. Eight tracks, but only two for the simultaneous recording. There are two XLR/Jack inputs with Phantom power and a dedicated guitar input. Each channel features a control for highs and lows and a fader for the level.

The multi-effects

Patches for guitar, voice, drum and bass. In addition, a stereo reverb processor for the final mix, with a control for the send & return. Obviously, the DP-02 is equipped with a speaker emulator.


The user can copy, paste, delete, and make the overdubbing in a very easy way. The built-in metronome is functional and useful.

It can be a good solution

We cannot say that this recorder is cheap, but surely we speak about a quality product, with all the necessary for a fast and professional job. Everything is in front of you. The front panel provides all the controls to work with your music without using a menu. At the end of the job the user can transfer his music on the PC, thanks to the USB connection, or he can burn everything with the built-in CD Writer. My opinion is that it can be an excellent choice if used and at a good price.

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