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Tascam 2488neo Multi-track Recorder : Review


It isn't modern, but is complete

All the necessary for a good job: effects, a mixer with 45mm faders, eight inputs, 4 XLRs, with Phantom Power, and 4 1/4", mic/line. 24 tracks, eight for the simultaneous recording, with many virtual channels.

For a perfect final

It provides a great quantity of effects, a 3-band EQ on all the 24 channels and up to eight dynamics processors. In addition there is a dedicated compressor on the main output with some interesting presets.

Mastering compressor (Presets)

  • Basic CD
  • A good choice if you don't know what to make. It's a basic mastering.

  • POP Rock1
  • It increases high frequencies and brings out low frequencies, so the sound is more showy.

  • POP Rock2
  • Like the previous, but with more compression.

  • Rock1
  • The low end is emphasized so to create a perfect sound for Rock.

  • Rock2
  • In this patch the emphasis is also on the high frequencies.

  • Classic
  • It acts like a smooth compression. It can be used for a classical guitar.

  • Dance
  • Obviously, it is suitable to Dance music. It emphasizes very high and very low frequencies.

  • R&B HipHop
  • It provides a strong compression on high frequencies and boosts low frequencies.

  • Comp x 3 Flat
  • A flat setting.

General opinion

Well, the 2488neo is certainly a professional digital studio. If you are looking for a recorder for a band, this device can be an excellent choice. It is a complete product with all the necessary.

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