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Roland Cakewalk V-STUDIO 100 Multi-track Recorder : Review

Cakewalk V-STUDIO 100

Much, much interesting

A complete and compact audio equipment for your music. This Roland device is not only a recorder but also a mixer and, first of all, a universal controller for many softwares. We will speak about this later.

44.1, 48 or 96kHz

The sampling frequency can be 44.1, 48 or 96kHz, at 16 or 24bit. It can store audio on an SD or SDHC card. Files can be transferred to the PC via USB. It provides a built-in metronome and various functions, such as markers and the A-B Repeat function.

The digital mixer

Eight inputs and six outputs, plus four different reverbs. EQ and compression on six channels. It can be a perfect solution for a small band.

The DAW controller

One of the main features is the use like a DAW controller for the most popular softwares, such as Cubase, Digital Performer, Live, Sonar, Logic and so on. It is equipped with 100mm motorized faders. It can make the job much faster and easy and this is one of the most interesting functions of this Roland device.

General opinion

For a small band the V-STUDIO 100 can be really a perfect solution for a professional job. The DAW controller, with motorized faders, is an important added value. My opinion is that the price, approximately 500 Euros, is legitimate.

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