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Roland CD-2e Multi-track Recorder : Review



The CD-2e includes all the necessary to record music or any other audio source and to store it. It stores data on an SD card, or directly to a CD with the built-in CD-Writer. It provides a stereo microphone and stereo speakers and can be used also with 6 batteries. It must use the included AC Adaptor to read or write the CD. It can be controlled via an included remote controller.

Useful for music study

The user can modify the playback speed without changing the pitch, so to analyze a phrase or any other thing. It provides also a metronome. In addition, it includes an instrument tuner that can be used in conjunction with the built-in microphone.

The EZ guide

It has been designed to be easy to use. It provides an Easy Guide button that helps the user in every step with instructions in six languages.


The CD-2e is Roland, so we can be sure that it will be a quality product, but the price, approximately 600 Euros, is really excessive. A so price for a 2-track device is really too much. In addition it doesn't provide the USB connection. My opinion is that it is too much expensive.

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