Korg MR-2000S Multi-track Recorder : Review


5.6MHz or 2.8MHz

The MR Series has been designed by Korg to bring, also in an Home Studio, the professional DSD format, with its fabulous 1-bit sampling frequency, 5.6MHz or 2.8MHz. The MR-2000S is a single rack-space device. SPDIF inputs and outputs, the Word Clock for the synchronization with other devices, two level meters for a visual optimization of the recording level, XLR analogic inputs with switchable levels, up to 400 projects for the organization of the job, AudioGate for the conversion in the most modern and used formats, and the USB port to transport files on the PC. The user can choose the DSD formats, DSDIFF, WSD and DSF or the classic PCM (24-bit/192 kHz), with the WAV extension. It is, certainly, a professional device for your personal studio, but at an affordable price, considering the astonishing quality of the DSD technology.

For a crystalline audio

It has been designed, like we said, for a professional use in a studio, so it is equipped with high quality components. The A/D conversion works with the Burr-Brown PCM4202, an excellent converter by Texas Instruments, while for the D/A, it uses a CS4398 by Cirrus Logic. Actually these are between the best converters on the market.

Final conclusions

My opinion is that the price, approximately 1500 Euros, is ok.

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