Korg D888 Multi-track Recorder : Review


44.1 kHz, 16-bit

Eight tracks, each with 8 virtual channels, for playback and recording. Everything is stored on the internal 40GB hard disk in WAV format, 44.1 kHz, 16-bit. The maximum time, for a single song, is 6 hours.


The user has many possibilities at his disposal for a deep and complete editing and can work on the single track or the entire song. All the necessary for a good result is present.

Two products in one

The D888 can be considered a recorder inside an analog mixer. In fact the mixer section is complete and with professional features, like a 3-band EQ, the trim control, the pan control and the effect send, obviously for each channel. The signal processing is at 44.1 kHz and 40-bit and it can store 11 programs.


Eight separate channels, each with an XLR, with Phantom Power, or 1/4" input, 2 master outputs, digital and analogic, for the monitor, a send for the effects and two outputs for the headphones, each with its own level control.


Eleven. Parameters can be modified via a dedicated knob and each channel provides a separated control for the effect send. All the adjustments will be stored together with the songs.

Final conclusions

The D888 can be considered really complete, with high quality features and professional functions. The 40GB hard disk provides a large space for the files. It is not a cheap product, its price is about 650 Euros, but Korg has made a good job. I believe that, if used, it can be really a good purchase.

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