Korg D3200 Multi-track Recorder : Review


All the necessary

32 physical tracks that can be 272 in virtual mode. 12 for the simultaneous recording and up to 32 for the playback, so it can be used to support important and complex projects. It is equipped with a powerful and professional mixer with 40 input channels, a valid drum machine and an effects set of great quality. It can store data on the internal 80GB hard drive or on the built-in CD-RW. Really a complete device, in my opinion, at an excellent price.

16 or 24-bit

44.1 or 48kHz, 16 or 24-bit. The dynamic range is 103dB. All the job is organized in songs, up to 100. For each song are available 100 marker points. Obviously, the user has many editing functions at his disposal. The navigation isn't immediate, but it is enough fast.

The mixer

In my opinion, the added value of this product. 40 input channels provide all the necessary. It features two equalization sections. A 4-band EQ on channel 1 through 24 and a master 4-band EQ. It is completely automatized and provides 100 scene memories that can be easily recalled. Every parameter can be controlled via MIDI.


128 programs, with 52 algorithms and a 56-bit internal processing, everything of high quality. The user can apply up to eleven effects at once. Everything is controlled with a special knob, called Matrix. Patches can be edited and saved in the internal memory.

Final conclusions

In my opinion, the Korg D3200 is a great product, really a digital recording studio, with all the necessary to make a professional job. It is flexible and powerful, with a professional mixer, a quality multi-effects and a great drum machine. The internal hard drive is capacious and the CD-RW is a good added value. 1100 Euros is a good price.

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