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Fostex MR16HD Multi-track Recorder : Review


It is interesting but old

A good product with many professional features. It is equipped with 16 tracks, four for the recording, with faders and knobs for an immediate access to all the functions. The dynamics section is much valid.


4 XLR, balanced, and 4 1/4". There is a guitar input with a dedicated knob for the analogic distortion. Each features a Trim control. It is very useful to cut the signal level so to avoid the distortion. Two main outputs, two for the monitoring of the signal, 1 digital (SPDIF) and two for the headphones.

The EQ library

Another useful feature, that is unique to the MR16HD, between the Fostex recorders, is the presence of 33 EQ presets that can be assigned to each input. The EQ library is really complete and can be used to drastically shape the sound. In the manual there is the complete list of the available presets.

All the necessary for a quality result

A multi-effects, a speaker emulator and three different types of microphonic simulations. The three reverbs (Room, Hall and Plate) and the delay can be applied directly on the front panel with four dedicated buttons and can be adjusted with a dedicated level knob.

The free software

It provides a free software for the WAV files (WAV Manager) that can be used to transport files from to the PC via the USB.

Final conclusions

A good solution for your music with an immediate access to all the functions directly on the front panel. It provides some effects and cannot be considered a cheap product, but the quality is good. My opinion is that the MR16HD is perfect if used.

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