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Fostex MR-8 MkII Multi-track Recorder : Review


A Compact Flash version of the MR-8HD

The main difference between the two devices is the presence of the Compact Flash for the memory, and not an hard disk. But not only. It features two tracks for the simultaneous recording, two XLR inputs with Phantom Power for condenser mics, balanced, and two 1/4" inputs for the guitar.

Two modalities

It can work in two modes. In Normal, 16bit/44.1kHz, the included 128MB Compact Flash can store 25 minutes of audio, approximately, while the Extended, 16bit/22.05kHz, doubles the time.

For the guitar

Like the previous model it features a good multi-effects and a speaker emulator. There is also an analog distortion with a dedicated knob.

The software

It includes a free software to handle WAV files. It can be used, in conjunction with the USB, to transfer files from the MR-8MkII to the PC and vice versa.

Final conclusions

A good product, but the cost is excessive. Obviously this is only my opinion, but Zoom and Boss offer some rather valid multitrack recorders at a lower price.

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