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Fostex MR-8HD Multi-track Recorder : Review


4 simultaneous tracks

It is very easy to use, with knobs and faders on the front panel for the various controls. Eight tracks for the playback. Up to 4 can be recorded simultaneously. The material can be stored in the internal 40GB hard disk and converted in the WAV format. The dynamic range is 88dB or more. 16-bit resolution and 44.1kHz sampling frequency.

All the necessary for the connections

Four balanced inputs, XLR, with the Phantom Power, and four unbalanced (1/4"). Impedance: 1.5kOhms or more, 40kOhms (line), 500kOhms (guitar). The signal conversion, A/D and D/A, is 24-bit Delta-Sigma. The USB connection allows the transfering of the files directly on the PC. It includes a software for the handling of the WAV files.

And for the sound

A multi-effects with an analog distortion for the guitar, with its own level control and various digital effects, such as delays and reverbs. In addition, it provides also some emulated guitar amps.

Final conclusions

The MR-8HD is surely a good multitrack recorder, but the price is excessive. Yes, it features a 40GB hard disk, four XLR inputs and a digital output, but the price is excessive. It's my opinion.

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