Boss BR-900CD Version 2 Multi-track Recorder : Review

BR-900CD Version 2

24 bit and optical digital output

The Version 2 adds some important features like many COSM amps models, a new software for the drum editing and the Compact Flash for the data storing. Eight tracks, each one with eight virtual channels, so a total of 64, for the simultaneous playback. Two for the recording. The internal processing is at 24 bit with a frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz. It features a complete set of inputs and outputs, like the two mics inputs and the optical digital output, more an additional footswitch or the expression pedal. Like its name suggests, it features a built-in CD burner.

The COSM amps models

46 amps derived from the Boss GT-Pro. This is an important added value

The drum machine

A new graphical software for creating rhythm patterns or for editing the existing patterns.


It is really a complete machine with regard to connections, and the USB expands the flexibility. It makes easy to store audio files on the PC or to import files from the PC in the WAV format.


Five different groups for every exigency. So, the user will be able to use patches specifically designed for the tone adjustment, like the equalizer, or for the mastering. The list is really important and complete.

Final conclusions

The BR-900CD is a good product, but not one of the most modern. The effects section and the COSM amps models are of great quality, and the graphical software for the drum machine makes the editing of the rhythm base fast and easy. In my opinion the built-in CD burner is unnecessary. With the USB the user can easily use the CD burner on the PC. In addition there is the Compact Flash card. Used and at a good price it can be a very valid purchase.

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