Boss BR-800 Multi-track Recorder : Review


It can work with the batteries

Eight tracks, each one with 8 virtual channels, for the playback, four for the simultaneous recording. The EZ Recording is a powerful function that can make the work fast and particularly easy. It features a built-in stereo microphone and a beautiful sleek design, thanks to touch sensors and the use of an SD card, or SDHC, for data storing. It can work with six batteries, so it can be considered a portable equipment with advanced functions.

The drum machine

It comes from the DR-880, an high quality Boss device. The BR-800 provides also a software for the editing, so the user can create his personal rhythm line for his music.

It cannot disappoint

The onboard effects come from the GT-10, a powerful Boss floorboard, from the VE-20, a vocal processor and from the AP-1 preamp. It doesn't matter which is the audio source. The user will be able to use the most convenient patch for guitars, basses or vocals and more. In addition, it provides various amps models realized with the famous COSM technology.

The software

It comes with an included software to handle tracks and audio loops: Cakewalk SONAR 8.5 LE. For a beginner, this is a useful feature to experiment and learn the art of the digital recording.

Final conclusions

The beautiful and modern interface is only one of its qualities. The drum machine and the multi-effects are of high quality. The BR-800 provides all the necessary to make a perfect job with your music and thanks to the SD card, or SDHC, it can store a very large quantity of audio material. An excellent product.

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