Boss BR-600 Multi-track Recorder : Review


A portable studio

Eight tracks, each one with 8 virtual channels, can be used simultaneously for the playback, or two at a time for the recording. It can work anywhere, thanks to six batteries and quality built-in microphones.

For guitar and voice

Effects included come with high quality algorithms and can be used during the recording or also during the playback. It features various guitar and vocal effects, like reverb, chorus, delay and the equalization for each channel. Its not all. It provides various amp models (COSM technology).

The built-in drum machine

300 rhythm patterns that can be easily programmed and edited by the user. The drum machine provides various music styles, like Rock, Blues, Country and so on.

The USB port

The built-in USB port allows the use of the BR-600 like an interface in conjunction with a software on the PC. In this context it can be really an excellent solution for a professional work with your music.

Fast and immediate

It has been planned to be very easy to use. All the functions are intuitive and fast, even for beginners.

Final considerations

I have to say that my opinion on the BR-600 is absolutely positive. It has all the necessary, and the price is rather valid. The onboard effects and amp models are of good quality and the virtual channels are very useful.

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