Boss BR-1600CD Version 2 Multi-track Recorder : Review

BR-1600CD Version 2

8 simultaneous

It can record simultaneously from eight XLR inputs. The total available tracks are 16. This device, now in the version 2, provides professional effects for guitar and bass and enhanced vocal tools. It is equipped with an 80GB hard disk and a CD-RW drive for data. Each track provides a dedicated EQ, with the addition of eight compressors and a mastering multi-band compression. Data can be transferred to the PC via the USB port. It can be controlled via MIDI and can read BR-1200CD song data with no conversion process.

Main differences with the first model


In the original version there were two amp models (COSM). Now Boss has added six new models and some new effects: Vibrato, 2x2 Chorus, Slow Gear, Ring Modulator, Humanizer.

The enhanced Vocal Tool Box

The original version provided some interesting functions for the voice, such as the pitch fix. The BR-1600CD provides now a realtime correction, with the possibility to choose a specific editing region. In addition, the Harmony Sequence has been improved. Now the user has more control on the parameters.

Discrete Drums

A collection of drum phrases that can be easily used with the Loop Phrase function. They are in a CD included in the box, but they are already installed in the User bank.

General opinion

Well, obviously the BR-1600CD is a good product with all the necessary for a professional result. The price is, approximately, 1050 Euros.

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