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Alesis HD24 ADAT Multi-track Recorder : Review


24 tracks

It has been designed to work in the ADAT environment so to obtain the stability and performance that have made famous this format. 24 tracks with 24-bit resolution and sample rate that can be 44.1kHz or 48kHz. These are professional numbers.

Two media bays

It has been designed to use up to two hard disk and it provides two hot-swappable media bays for the drives. This Alesis product can use drives of different type, IDE/EIDE/ATA at 5,400/7,200/10,000 RPM. The user can edit tracks internally or he can transfer all the material to the PC with the Ethernet connection.


It provides everything you expect from an ADAT system. 3 optical inputs and 3 optical outputs for a total of 24 channels. In addition, It provides the Sync, so to work without problems in the existing ADAT system, and other functions to synchronize all the job. Another important feature is the possibility to link multiple HD24s, so to build really a professional system.

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