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Roland Cube Lite Amp : Review

Cube Lite

Perfect for practicing or jamming

Well, today our review will speak about an interesting Roland product. It is the perfect solution for who is looking for an amp for practicing or jamming, and also with a stylish look. Let's see the three main features.

  • 3 different tones (COSM technology).
  • 2.1 channel audio.
  • iOS interface.

3 tones

It provides, thanks to COSM technology, 3 different tones that cover all the possible musical contexts. The names of the tones explain their use: JC CLEAN, CRUNCH and EXTREME.

2.1 channel audio

It hasn't been designed just for the guitar. Its main use is for playing on a musical base, so it features a quality audio with stereo speakers and a built-in subwoofer for powerful and defined lows.

iOS interface and CUBE JAM

i-CUBE LINK connection

Substantially, it has been designed to work in conjunction with an Apple device. It can be an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch, via the i-CUBE LINK jack. The free CUBE JAM app for iOS can be considered the heart of the Cube Lite. This app can be used for playing the musical bases or for the recording and it features many interesting functions that make the Cube Lite really a perfect device for practicing and, like we said, for jamming, like, for instance, independent speed and pitch adjustment of each track (CUBE JAM plays or records the musical base independently from the guitar), and the Center Cancel function, that can be used to remove solos from an existing track.

CUBE JAM is the free application for controlling the Cube Lite

The Direct Mode

An interesting feature, in conjunction with CUBE JAM, is that you can play with a COSM tone but, activating the Direct Mode function, CUBE JAM will record the dry guitar sound that, subsequently, can be edited as you want.


It provides some classic controls and also a simple effects section. In addition to the Drive we can see the equalization section, the volume, a switch for the COSM tones, and the knob for the 2 effects (Chorus and Reverb).


Rear panel

The rear panel features the guitar input, the input for the power supply, the power switch, the output for the headphones and the i-CUBE LINK jack, with its dedicated volume.

The rear panel

Available colors

It is available in 3 different colors: black, white and red.

Available colors


Well, it costs, approximately, 170 euros. Let's say immediately that if you want a great distortion it isn't the product for you, but if you are looking for a fast amp for practicing and jamming, and you have an Apple device, the Cube Lite is really a valid product at an excellent price.

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