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Roland Cube 10GX Amp : Review

Cube 10GX

Customizable and complete

Another Roland product perfect for practicing, with the COSM technology that provides three different options (Clean, Crunch and Lead), directly from the front panel, and a large selection of emulations with the help of a free app for iOS and Android devices (CUBE KIT). An 8-inch speaker of 10 Watts guarantees a good quality sound, considering the purpose for which this amp has been designed. The three-band EQ, 3 effects, the AUX IN input and an output for the direct recording, or for the phones, complete the main characteristics.

Front panel

Very simple. It is divided in three sections. Let's see a description of the available controls.

Few controls on the front panel
  • Sound adjusting
  • We can see the switch for the selection of the amp type. 3 options: Clean ( Roland JC-120), Crunch (Marshall JMP1987), and Lead (MESA/Boogie Rectifier). Like we have said at the beginning of this review, with the help of a dedicated app the user can substitute the factory presets with a smartphone that must be inserted in the input jack. Roland puts seven additional models at the user disposal that provide a suitable solution to any style, classic Rock, High-Gain, Jazz and so on, and even for acoustic guitar and bass. The other two knobs modify the Gain amount (the distortion level), and the volume of the guitar signal.

    An app for the substitution of the available presets
  • Equalization
  • The three classic controls for bass, middle and treble.

  • Effects
  • The Cube-10GX provides 3 different options (Chorus, Delay and 2 Reverbs, Plate and Spring), but the user can choose only 1 effect at a time. The position of the knob adjusts the parameter of the depth.

Rear panel

The input for the AC Adaptor, included with the amp, a useful AUX IN for an external player or the smartphone, and the output that can be used for the direct recording or for the phones (it automatically mutes the speaker).

The rear panel is very simple and clean
Size and Weight
Width346 mm13-5/8 inches
Depth179 mm7-1/16 inches
Height317 mm12-1/2 inches
Weight4.7 kg10 lbs. 6 oz.

Final opinion

Like always, Roland has made a very good job. The Cube-10GX is equipped with all the necessary, if we think to the purpose for which it has been designed. The only problem is the absence of a dedicated input for the CUBE KIT. This means that the user cannot change the presets in real-time, and that he can use only 3 amps at a time. This is a sin. The price, about 120 Euros, is excellent. In my opinion it is absolutely justified. A good product for who needs something fast and easy for practicing. In this context the Cube-10GX is a very valid solution.

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