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Mesa/Boogie Mark Five Amp : Review

Mesa/Boogie Mark Five

The new Mark V is really a masterpiece, with its incredible flexibility, three channels, 9 modes and the Multi-Watt function. Mesa/Boogie produces this amp in two versions: an head and a Combo with a single 12" speaker (C90). In this review we will see the Combo.

Channel 1

Three modes: Clean, Fat and Tweed.


The lowest gain of the three channels. Obviously, it has been thought for clean sounds, like its name suggests. Sweet, with a minimal compression and a fast attack.


It provides more low end and a remarkable sensitivity.


It produces a slight Overdrive, rather fat, a good sustain and a slowest attack.


The more versatile. Perhaps, but this is simply my opinion, it is the most interesting of this Mesa/Boogie Combo.


It reduces the low end, so to increase the attack speed and the dynamic response. The natural habitat is the classic Rock.


More low frequencies and a medium Gain quantity. It can be considered the first mode that introduces the typical tubes compression. Crunch can be a good solution for a rhythmic sound, or also a solo, with a good Overdrive, but not too saturated.

Mark I

If you are looking for a great sustain and a good saturation, this is for you. A great harmonic Overdrive and an extraordinary low end. It creates the typical Mesa/Boogie sound that made this amp manufacturer famous in all the world in the '70s.


Mark II C+

The explosive attack is the most important peculiarity. Very good for Metal or Hard Rock.


For this mode Mesa/Boogie increased the midrange level. Very wide.


Aggressive and with a very fast attack. The most important characteristic is the incredible volume.


A Mesa/Boogie patented feature. The user can choose an output power of 10, 45 or 90 Watts.

General opinion

Well, what can i say. It is a masterpiece, like i said at the beginning of this review. This Combo is not, certainly, cheap. It costs 2900 Euros, approximately, but in my opinion it can be definitive for who is looking for a quality amplifier. The most important characteristic is the great versatility. Three channels and nine modes, plus a very good EQ section, allow a great range of possible sounds. The Mark Five is extraordinary. It cannot disappoint.

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