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Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head Amp : Review

Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier Solo Head

Today we speak about a real legend: The Dual Rectifier, called Recto, here in a new version called Solo Head. Compared with the classic version, the new provides some new or improved functions: The Multi-Watt, we will speak about this later, a new effects loop, 8 modes for the three channels and a new footswitch. It is a paradise for who loves tubes: 4x6L6 (or 4xEL-34), 5x12AX7 and 2x5U4. Like i said, it provides three channels and eight different modes. Two in the 1 and three in 2 and 3. Well, let's see features.



This is the mode with the lowest gain setting. Obviously, it is perfect for clean sounds, but not only. When used with the preset values, it provides a beautiful clean, balanced and crystalline, much open and with a beautiful warm atmosphere. If you increase Gain, the head will produce a perfect solo sound with a remarkable sustain and a great attack. Rather old school, especially with neck single coil.


It adds an incredible Gain amount, in the first stages of the pre, to the channel 1. The result is a great Crunch, much hard and with a very fast attack, but with a bright output. A perfect Overdrive for solos.

2 and 3

Each of the other two provides three modes: Raw, Vintage and Modern High Gain.


Versatile. It can be used like an alternative to the clean of the channel 1 or, if you want, for a low Gain Blues. But it can be many different things. It depends on your taste and need. For example, an increased treble value can produce a valid tone for a rhythm with a pleasant Crunch.

Vintage High Gain

Fat and creamy. It is present in many recordings and can be considered, at the lower values, an alternative of the Raw, when it is set in its higher range. It creates a natural tube compression, saturated and lush.

Modern High Gain

If Hard Core or Heavy Metal is your music, this is for you. Very aggressive, with a fast response and an hard attack. Much present.


It gives the possibility to choose between a power output of 50 or 100 Watts. But this function, that is a Mesa/Boogie patent, is not only a switch for the power output. It modifies the tubes functioning and creates a different sound.


The front panel is really rich of knobs and switches. You can choose the more suitable mode for your need and then you can adjust the sound as you like more.

Sample settings

The manual is full of sample settings and detailed informations. Read the manual. It is very instructive.

General opinion

Really great. Flexible and of high quality. This head delivers always the best possible tone with all the necessary for a deep personalization. Obviously, this new version of the Dual Rectifier is expensive, but it will not disappoint.

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