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Marshall Vintage Series 1987X Amp : Review

Marshall Vintage Series 1987X

The minor brother

This image shows the main elements of the front panel

As we can see in the image above, this head shares with the 1959SLP the same front panel, so the same controls, but it delivers less output power. Now let's see the main characteristics.

Price 1100,00 €
Type Head
Power Output (RMS) 50 Watts
Inputs 4
Channels 2
3 Band EQ Yes
Pre Valves 2 x ECC83
Power Amp Valves 1 x ECC83, 2 x EL34
GZ34 tube Rectifier No
Series Effects Loop Yes
Dimensions (mm) 660 x 260 x 205
Weight (kg) 15.3

The rear panel

On the left we can see the effects loop section, with two available levels, +4dBV and -10dBV, the bypass, and the two jacks for the Send & Return. Successively, it puts two outputs at disposal for additional speakers and two selectors, one for the impedance and another for the voltage. Moreover, we can see the input for the power supply and two fuses for the safety of the amp.

Available connections and other options

How it works

The two channels are much different. The first provides a remarkable amount of high frequencies. It is almost shrill, sometimes. Perhaps too much, but it depends on the personal taste. Anyhow, the first channel is suitable to a guitar with a rather big sound. A Les Paul is the best possible example, while with a Stratocaster, perhaps, the result isn't the maximum. On the contrary, the second channel delivers a rather dark sound, above all with an humbucker. With a single coil the things change, above all if we cut the lows and increase the treble. In a similar context the qualities of a Stratocaster can be enhanced. Dynamics and attack are always remarkable. An excellent job. The common equalization, anyhow, is a limit. A real sin.

A good job

The Vintage Series has been introduced by Marshall in the 2002, since many fans of the British company asked the reproduction of old models, many with an extraordinary history behind them. The final result of this operation has been certainly positive. This 1987X is a real masterpiece. It cannot disappoint, this is sure. The price is, in my opinion, legitimate. It is worth how much it costs.

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