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Marshall Vintage Series 1959 SLP Amp : Review

Marshall Vintage Series 1959 SLP

A Rock legend

In the music world few products have made the history, and are in the collective imagination, like the Marshall 1959SLP. This head has been produced at the end of the '60s and, certainly, it is a sort of icon for the classic Rock.

An excellent head with an extraordinary output power

Now the British company reproposes a replica of this extraordinary amp, with the addition of the effects loop and of a switch for the true bypass.

Technical characteristics

The image of the onboard tubes

Two channels and 100 Watts. But the equalization is common. As regards the tubes, two ECC83 for the pre, 1 ECC83 and 4 EL34 for the amplification. The 1959SLP weighs 20.5Kg and, as we have said at the beginning, features the effects loop and the true bypass. As regards the two channels, there isn't a dedicated switch, but a different preamp with the addition of two controls for the 4 inputs, these last with a different sensitivity.

Much simple

The equalization is common. Four inputs with different impedance

The front panel puts at user disposal a Presence knob, the controls for the equalization (bass, middle and treble), two volumes and 4 inputs. Let's see a fast description of the available controls.

  • 1. Power Switch
  • On/Off.

  • 2. Standby
  • Use it together with Power to ‘warm up’ before the use. This helps the life of the tubes. To make this, during breaks in playing, turn it on and off with the Standby.

  • 3. Indicator
  • When it's lit it is on. If not it is switched off.

  • 4. Presence
  • You can use it to add higher frequencies. If you turn it the sound will be more cutting and present.

  • 5. Bass
  • Use it to add or to reduce the low frequencies.

  • 6. Middle
  • If you need a fatter sound turn it up, while, if you turn it down it will make your guitar sharper and thinner.

  • 7. Treble
  • Increase it and your guitar will sound brighter. Be careful. The tone system is highly interactive. So, turning up or down a control will change the shape of your sound. There is a strict relation between controls. You have to consider it. The experience will help you to find your favourite tone.

  • 8. Loudness 1
  • The output level of the Channel 1. Remember that the 1, rather than the 2, owns a higher treble response.

  • 9. Loudness 2
  • The output level of the Channel 2, which is planned for the normal responce.

How it works

Certainly, a great amp. The sound is much similar to that of the original version, but with more gain. In fact, the volume is absolutely extraordinary, really remarkable. Yes, the common equalization between the two channels can be considered a problem, but we have to say that the philosophy of this head is much different from that of a modern product. Anyhow, the final result is really excellent. If you are looking for the typical sound of the classic Rock, this is perhaps the best possible choice. As regards the price, about 2.000 euros, it is certainly important, but the Marshall 1959SLP is a masterpiece.

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