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Marshall Vintage Modern 425A Cabinet Amp : Review

Marshall Vintage Modern 425A

A professional project

The four G12C 25 Watts Celestion Greenbacks speakers are the ideal complement for the heads of the Vintage Modern Series. They were specificaly developed to be coupled with the Jimi Hendrix Super100JH, an extraordinary 100 Watts amp, Limited Edition, much expensive, we have to say, with 2 channels and a really complete equalization section. Obviously, all-tube. So, as we see, the starting point is certainly of great quality and thought for a professional context.

Jimi Hendrix Super100JH Stack

The perfect combination

Celestion G12C

This cabinet is Mono or Stereo switchable, with a 16/4 ohms mono impedence and an 8 ohms stereo impedence. The G12C speakers feature a medium magnet, as regards the size, and are distingushed by a good response and a remarkable dynamics. They replicate, in the Marshall intention, the Greenbacks of the '60s cabinets. The final result is the classic vintage tone of the British company, much clean in the signal. All the nuances and the harmonics are perfectly audible. The overall performances of these speakers are really good. If we consider the extreme quality of the heads of the Vintage Modern series, we can say that the 425A turns out the perfect combination to exalt these amplifiers.

Flashy and fascinating

The look is really nice

The look, as we can see in the image above, is an hybrid between old and new style. The purple vinyl that covers the cabinet, as the entire Series, is really spectacular. Obviously, the sound is the most important thing, but we know how much the look is important in this context, and Marshall is conscious of this, like all the companies of the sector. Moreover, the job is impeccable. All is well made and without visible imperfections. The materials quality is good. As regards the dimensions: 30.5" x 30" x 14.5" (770 x 755 x 365 mm). The weight is 79 lb. (36 kg).

The quality costs

If we consider the 425A price and that of an head of the Vintage Modern series, on the average much high, the final result is, objectively, rather expensive. 750 euros for the single cabinet is an important request. Anyhow, we are speaking about professional products, without compromises, designed for who wants the top.

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