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Marshall Vintage Modern 2466 Amp : Review

Marshall Vintage Modern 2466

The soul is classic

This 100 Watts head puts at disposal a single channel, but with two different dynamic ranges. They can be activated with a dedicated button on the front panel or with the footswitch, included with the amp. If we want this is a classic approach to the sound creation, but with some modern features, like the Master Volume and an effects loop with the true bypass and a -10/+4 dB level switch.

Much versatile

All the available options for a remarkable flexibility

In the image above we can see all the available controls. On the left there are the knobs for the Reverb, the Master Volume, the Presence and the equalization. On the right, instead, the 2466 provides some dedicated controls for the sound adjusting. Let's see them.

  • Dynamic range
  • As we have said at the beginning of this review, this Marshall head features two different options (Low and High), as regards the dynamic range. The first option reproduces the amount of available gain in a vintage amplifier. In this mode the 2466 produces a mild and moderate Overdrive. In the High mode, instead, there is a huge boost of both gain and volume, and, obviously, a more aggressive Overdrive.

  • Mid Boost
  • A booster for the middle. The use of this button turns out particularly useful with a too much thin single-coil. Substantially, it fattens the tone.

  • Detail
  • This is the first of two volumes for the pre. It increases the higher frequencies, but it isn't simply an equalization control. The final result, in fact, depends very much on the strength on the strings, and can vary very much, according to a series of different factors.

  • Body
  • It modifies the amount of the lower frequencies and, in conjunction with Mid Boost, can really make the sound fatter and full-bodied. In this context the 2466 produces a perfect tone for the '80s Rock, as regards my personal opinion.

Inside the monster

Tubes and electronics

Four ECC83 for the pre and 4 KT66 for the amplification, together with a modern and efficient electronics, deliver an high quality signal, with an extraordinary volume and a great character. The signal is excellent, really good. This head, certainly, cannot disappoint.

A perfect job

Certainly, a great amp. Marshall has made an incredible job, and the final result is really a masterpiece that, as we have said, cannot disappoint. The 2466 price, about 1100 euros, is proportionate to the overall value of this product. More. My personal opinion is that this head is worth more than how much it costs.

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