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Marshall MG30FX Amp : Review

Marshall MG30FX

The MG Series includes solid-state products with digital innovations that make these Marshall amplifiers programmable and capable to store settings so to recall them when you need. In addition, they provide a set of effects, so to be an all-in-one instrument for your guitar.

The front panel

It provides a complete set of controls for equalization, channels switch, volume, Tap Tempo, the tuner and effects. Let's see them.


It can be considered the volume of the pre. By increasing its value it will generate more distortion.

Bass, Middle, Treble

The equalization section.


It provides four switchable channels. This switch is for the first two: Clean and Crunch.


For the other two, OD1 and OD2.


The amount.

Tap Tempo

It can be used for different purposes. The first use is for the tempo of the Delay. The second is in order to choose the manual or preset mode. You have to hold down it for more than two seconds. Another use is for the activation of the tuner. If you want to use the tuner, with the optional footcontroller, you have to hold both Tap Tempo and Store.


Simply, it stores settings into the channel or into the footcontroller.


It provides four different effects, more the reverb. This is the control for the selection of one of the other four: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Delay.


Obviously, the master volume.

MP3/Line In

This input is an added value of the MG30FX. You can connect a CD, an MP3 player or any other source.

General opinion

Well. Obviously we must consider the price, approximately 200 Euros, without the optional but necessary footswitch, and all the built-in features, such as the included multi-effects and the MP3/Line In input. From this point of view it is an excellent product, with a good overall sound and all the necessary. Obviously, tone is not the typical of a Marshall, it is solid-state, and the difference is evident. However, my opinion about the MG30FX is positive. Valid and at a good price.

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