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Marshall MG15FX Amp : Review

Marshall MG15FX

The MG15 with the addition of two switches for the four channels, five effects, a Tap Tempo, a tuner and the possibility to use an optional footcontroller, the PEDL-90008. In this review we will speak only about this additions. For the other functions and features, read the MG15 review.

The use of the switches

The first alternates Clean and Crunch. The second OD1 and OD2. On the front panel is present a switch to store the settings. Simply, you can press this button so to store your settings in the active channel or into the footcontroller.

The Tap Tempo

It can be used for different purposes. Obviously, its main function is to regulate the delay time, like always. The second function is to alternate between the manual and the preset mode. Simply, hold down the switch for more than two seconds. The third function is the activation of the tuner. For this function is necessary the use of the optional PEDL-90008 footcontroller. Press both Tap Tempo and Store to activate the tuner.

The effects

Reverb (with a dedicated control), Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Delay. Up to two simultaneous, the Reverb and another.


Lets say immediatly that Marshall has made an excellent job. It is solid state but, with only 170 Euros, approximately, it really produces an excellent clean and a good saturation. Effects are of good quality, but with no possibilities to adjust them. The MP3/Line In jack is a useful function to play on your favourite music. The footcontroller is optional and provides a digital display and a tuner. The great added value of the MG15FX is the possibility to store the settings. Really useful. The overall quality is really good. 170 Euros is an excellent price.

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