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Marshall MG15 Amp : Review

Marshall MG15

Low price and interesting features

Solid state, with two controls for Gain and Volume, a 3-band equalization, an input for a CD or an MP3 player, and the output for the headphone.

Front panel

Simple, but with all the necessary.

Very simple. It provides 2 channels, clean and overdrive.

  • Input jack
  • It features one input for the guitar.

  • Channel switch
  • To alternate the clean and the overdrive channel.

  • Gain
  • It adjusts the level of the pre. Obviously, it increases the distortion.

  • Equalization
  • The MG15 provides a 3-band equalization section, which is shared.

  • MP3/Line In
  • It lets you play on your favourite music. Just connect a CD or an MP3 player, adjust the volume, so to match the source volume to the guitar, and play.


Some examples included in the manual of the amp. These settings are relating to the version with the Reverb (MG15R), but this is the only difference with the model of our review.

  • Sparkling (clean)
  • Clean.
  • Blues
  • Blues.
  • Metal Rhythm
  • Metal.
  • High Gain (solo)
  • High Gain Solo.


The MG series has been designed for guitarists who want an affordable amp with a good tone and modern features. Obviously, you have not to expect the sound of a JCM, but considering the cheap price, approximately 100 Euros, my opinion is that Marshall made a good job. It can be a good choice to study or simply to play on your favourite music. On the whole, the MG15 sounds well, both with clean and distortions. Good, at this price.

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