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Marshall JCM 900 4101 Amp : Review

Marshall JCM 900 4101 Combo

Marshall JCM 900 4101 Tubes

Main features

The two channels (A and B) share the equalization section, but each of them provides an indipendent pre control, a reverb and the Master Volume.

Front Panel


At lower settings of the pre, it produces a very clean sound. Turning up the level will add a slight overdrive, so to create a good crunch tone.


Turning up it will create a medium drive, always growing. A crunch perfect for rhythm.


It boosts Gain, so to go from a classic distortion to modern distortions.

The equalization

4-band. It is shared between the two channels. Circuit is passive. It provides 4 controls for Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence.


It is useful to prolong tubes life. Use this switch during brakes, and not the Power.

Rear Panel

Effects Loop

Use this switch to match the level to your effects processor. The two possible values are -10dBV and +4dBm. Generally, higher settings are suitable for racks, while lower settings for pedals.

Send & Return

These two jacks provide the connections for the processor.

Recording Compensated Line-Out

The JCM 900 4101 signal, filtered, can be sent to a recorder or a Mixer.

Direct Line

If you want to use only the pre signal.


You can connect two cabinets.


This switch is useful to match the output impedance to the additional speakers.

Price 700 Euros
Type Combo
Output (RMS) 100 Watts
Speaker 12" Celestion G12-100 (1)
Ohms 8 Ohms
Pre tubes 3 x ECC83 (12AX7)
Power Amp Tubes 4 x 5881
Channels Two (A and B). A has been planned for clean tones and Crunch rhythm. B provides a great amount of gain for lead tones. Each is equipped with indipendent controls for Volume, Pre and Reverb.
Standby Yes. It must be used during breaks so to preserve tubes life.
Effects The 4101 provides a separate reverb for each channel, with a level control.
Equalization 4-band EQ
General Controls Presence, bass, middle, treble
Series Effects Loop Yes
Special features Recording Compensated Line-Out and Direct Line. The first Line-Out provides a filtered sound for recording, while the Direct Line provides an unfiltered pre signal for connection to an additional amplifier.
Level Yes (-10dBV/+4dBm)
Additional Speakers 2
Footswitch Optional. P802 Dual (2 buttons for channel and reverb)
Dimensions (mm) 500 x 470 x 290
Weight (kg) 23.9 (54 lbs)


100 Watts are an enormity and give you the possibility to play everywhere. If you want to use it at home with some cabinets, buy the PB100 Power attenuator or you will never obtain the distortion you expect from a JCM 900. The JCM 900 4101 was introduced in 1990 and discontinued in 1999, so you can find it only used at a price, approximately, of 700 Euros.

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