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Marshall JCM 900 4100 Amp : Review

Marshall JCM 900 4100 front

2 channels


By turning this control counterclockwise the tone becomes cleaner. On the contrary it creates a good crunch with a slight saturation.


In this case at an high value corresponds more sustain and Overdrive. On the contrary the saturation will be sweet and melodic.

Special lineouts

Recording compensated

A very useful feature. The signal is filtered and it is ready for a recorder, or also for a mixer.


The signal from the pre, unfiltered, can be sent to an external device. This function extends the flexibility and the versatility of the amplifier.


The JCM 900 4100 provides a switch that must be used during the breaks, so to prolong tubes life. It is very important. The use of this function, instead of the Power button, can really make the difference.

General opinion

The clean is brilliant, with controls that give you the possibility to set it at the best. It is warm, crancked, if you turn up the Pre, and just a bit overdrived. It's crystal. It's ok, but not the best.
The channel B is disappointing at a low volume, but this is normal with Marshall. Wind up the volume and you will hear its brutal voice, perhaps just a bit loss of low, but great. The distortion is rich, musical and chunky. I could notice a thing, with this amplifier. Coupled with a fender American Vintage 62 it was really disappointing, for me, but coupled with a Gibson SG Special, the tone was very different, and not just for the obvious differences between a Gibson and a Fender guitar. I believe that it needs a strong signal inside, or it will not render like it can make.
I have appreciated very much the transparency of the JCM 900 4100. You can perfectly hear you guitar tone and this is an excellent thing. It is excellent for Rock, Blues or Metal. But also Punk or Ska.

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