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Marshall JCM 800 2203KK Kerry King Amp : Review

Marshall JCM 800 2203KK front
Marshall JCM 800 2203 controls

General features

It has all the features of the normal 2203: 100 Watts, single channel, Master Volume, 3-Band EQ, Presence. Obviously, it is all-tube. There is only 1 high sensitivity input and no effects Loop.

The Beast

It engages 2 controls: Gate/Threshold and Assault/Intensity. It adds a massive quantity of Mids and creates really a great Distortion. You dont need nothing else. If Metal or Classic Rock of the '80s is the sound you need you will be satisfied.


It replaces the Kerry King noise gate. It works well and it is much effective.


It regulates the decay time of the guitar signal.


It replaces the old graphic equaliser. It is tuned on Kerry King preferred frequency response.


To regulate the amount of boost.

A masterpiece

Obviously, it is much similar to the normal version, but with more low end, and it is much clear on the high notes, that are all very definite, thanks to, i believe, the 4 KT88 power tubes, while the normal version is equipped with 4 EL34. If you play Classic Rock, '80s and '90s, metal or Punk, it is great. Surely you will not be disappointed. I was really surprised from a thing: it works very well at a lower volume too. This is surprising for an amplifier born to play Metal, first of all. This is a very good thing. When i study, i don't need a monstrous volume and i love that works so well also at a lower volume. It is a very useful characteristic. With regard to the Distortion, what can we say? It provides, surely, one of the best Distortions of the market. The Beast function creates a devastating sound with a massive increase of the Mids. You don't need nothing else. I have to say that also clean is excellent.


1 x 16-Ohm, 2 x 8-Ohm, 2 x 4-Ohm. It doesn't include an Output Impedance Selector.


What can i say. The Distortion is the best. I'm sure. The 4 KT88 tubes make an excellent job. There are not many functions, but this is in the Marshall tradition for the JCM 800 Series, and you dont need nothing else. The price, approximately 1500 Euros, is good. The 2203KK is surely a value amp. Take it, play and enjoy.

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