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Marshall Valvestate AVT50XT Tribute Amp : Review

Marshall Valvestate AVT50XT Tribute

Front Panel

2 channels, each one with its equalization section, the Reverb and the switch.

1 (Clean)


At lower settings it will produce a very clean sound, while at higher settings it will crunch, creating a perfect tone for Blues or soft Rock.


Bass and Treble.

2 (Overdrive)


Bass, Middle and Treble.


It adjusts the Depth.

Suggested Settings

In the manual of the AVT50XT Tribute there are some suggested settings. Let's see them.

  • Funky Clean
  • Funky Clean
  • Blues Clean
  • Blues Clean
  • Brit Crunch
  • Brit Crunch
  • MV Crunch
  • MV Crunch
  • Screaming lead
  • Screaming lead
  • Heavy Crunch
  • Heavy Crunch

An acceptable compromise

The hybrid technology, with a valve for the pre, here a 12AX7, in the last years has taken many steps forward, and Marshall is, certainly, one of the most important protagonists of the sector. The AVT50XT produces a quality sound, this is sure, much Vintage and with a good versatility. Obviously, it will never work like an all-tube amp but, if we consider the price, this combo can be an acceptable solution for who is looking for a good product at a good price.


Let's see the main technical characteristics. This combo is much simple, but all the necessary for a basic setup is available.

SpeakerCelestion 12"
Special featuresEffects loop, dedicated output for a recorder or a mixer, input for a CD (or a music player)
Headphone outputYes
Size515 x 554 x 259mm

Final considerations

As we have said at the beginning, if we want to value this combo we have to consider the quality-price ratio. The AVT50XT costs 300 euros, approximately. In our opinion this Marshall amp is a good product. It is worth how much it costs.

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