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Marshall Valvestate AVT50 Amp : Review

Marshall Valvestate AVT 50

Marshall, in the past years, obtained a great success with the series Valvestate, a line of amplifiers endowed of a pre with an ECC83 valve.
After this success, it reproposes the series, with the adding of some technical improvements, thanks to the experience developed in the recent years. The name that the English company gave to the new series is AVT, (Advanced Valvestate Technology). It presents many amplifiers, some with effects embedded, like is common, recently, between the producers.
Today, in our review, we speak about the AVT50, a 2 channels, 50 Watts. A model completely produced in England.

Valves and speaker

It is equipped with a Celestion 12", with a 4 Ohms impedance. The power output is 50 Watts. Marshall worked strictly, together with Celestion, to the realization of this line of speakers, with the intention to reproduce the resonant experience normally associated to a 4X12 cabinet. It is equipped with a pre with an ECC83 valve.

Front panel

It is simple, plain, with a single input for the guitar. There is also a CD IN, so to play on your favorite bases. There is also an output for the headphones and a light for the selected channel.


In the Clean channel there are Gain, Volume, Bass and Treble. Through a push button, is possible the activation of the overdrive channel, which is equipped with gain, volume, bass, Treble and Middle. Few controls, but they are valid.


We find a depth control, simple but functional.

Rear panel

1 output for the speaker and one for the emulated line. One connection for a series effects loop and the pedal output.


The tone is valid, very defined, brilliant, even if with few mids. The impression is that this is, and that there are not many possibilities to vary the tone. In fact, the lack of controls does not permit to vary the tone like it must be, even if, with the use of the gain, we have obtained a sound richer in harmonics and more dynamic. However, the efficacy of the few embedded controls, characteristic that we find in other amplifiers of this level, also of other manufacturers, is good. The lack of the Presence, always useful, it's important.


The gain it's perfect. It's possible to move it at extreme values, but the sound is not much dynamic, and the depth is not satisfactory, at least to the first look. The Marshall distortion is present, but, once again, the impression is that there are no alternatives. I believe that this is the limit. It is inflexible. Always the same tone.

Weight and materials

Here we are in the average. It weighs 18.6kg and is produced with a good wood.


Well, it seems to have a good quality of the sound, but is always the same! The few available controls don't permit many possibilities. Certainly, also in amplifiers of other companies, of the same level, we find more or less the same characteristics. A little more of versatility, however, is necessary. However in the overdrive channel, the few embedded controls work perfectly.
The CD input is useful. The AVT50 is equipped with a footswitch.

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