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Marshall Valvestate AVT150HX Tribute Amp : Review

Marshall Valvestate AVT150HX Tribute


It provides a DSP with 16 different effects. The first 10 programs are all Reverbs.

Hall A

The effect generated by a very large room.

Hall B

This program is much valid for adding depth to clean sounds, or also acoustic. It creates a warm tone.

Hall C

12ms of Delay.

Room 1

Perfect for acoustic guitar.

Room 2

Room 3

Much warm.

Plate 1

It is ideal for leads. It creates a bright sound.

Plate 2

Use this program for adding sustain, especially with clean and acoustic tones.

Plate 3

The emulation of the reverb produced from a Vintage tube amp.


Perfect for chords.






It combines a Chorus and a large room reverb.


One of the most interesting effects of the Valvestate AVT150HX Tribute.


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