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Laney VC30 Amp : Review

Laney VC30

Three different models

Certainly, one of the most appreciated Laney products. It is a 30 Watts amp with a very definite vintage character. The British company provides three models that have the same features and the same electronics, but with a specific equipment as regards speakers and, obviously, with different dimensions and weight.
We are speaking about an all-tube device, in Class A, that provides a good flexibility and a great gain amount. Certainly, a value product that cannot disappoint.

General features

Let's see the most important characteristics. We have said, at the beginning of this review, that the VC30 is produced in three models: 112, 210 and 212.

Bright SwitchYes
Speakers112: 1x12", 210: 2x10", 212: 2x12"
EqualizationBass, Middle, Treble
ImpedanceMinimum 4 Ohms
Inputs2, with a different gain level
Output ValvesPremium EL84
Preamp ValvesPremium ECC83
Power30 Watts
Effects LoopYes
FootswitchFS2 (optional)
Dimensions (mm)/Weight (kg)112: 423x562x253/18.5, 210: 423x562x253/22, 212: 523x679x253/24.3

Front panel

Well. Now we can see the controls that the VC30 puts at the user disposal.

All the knobs and the switches are organized in dedicated sections
  • Inputs
  • Lo (low gain) is suitable to guitars with an high output level, so with powerful humbuckers. Hi (high gain) is perfect for single-coils or for not too much powerful humbuckers.

  • Channel 1 (Clean)
  • Close to the control for the volume we can see a Bright switch. When the Clean channel is active this switch exalts the treble frequencies. The manual explains that it has more effect at low levels of the volume control and that it works in conjunction with the equalization section.

  • Channel 2 (Drive)
  • Two knobs, one for the distortion level and one for the volume. The Drive switch activates the channel.

  • EQ
  • The equalization section provides the three classic controls for lows, middle and treble.

  • Master
  • The level for the Accutronics Reverb and the general tone of the amplifier.

  • Standby and ON/OFF
  • Tubes take between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to warm up.

Rear panel

The Effects Loop is equipped with the Bypass and can be set at two values of the impedance (0 or -10dB). The optional FS2 footswitch alternates between the two channels and activates, or deactivates, the built-in Reverb.

The possible connections

Quick settings

In the images below we can see some sample settings included in the manual of the VC30. They are a good starting point in order to experiment with the controls.

  • Clean
  • Clean
  • Blues
  • Blues
  • Blues Solo
  • Blues Solo
  • Rock
  • Rock

Circuit diagram

This image shows the electronic circuit of the amplifier. It can be useful to understand the signal flow.

Schema of the electronics

Final opinion

All the three versions of the VC30 are rather expensive, but the quality costs, and this amplifier is certainly a great value product. The sound is always very clean and crystalline, even with an high gain value. The typical British distortion is perfectly audible, and the character is certainly vintage. It cannot disappoint. An excellent amp.

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