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Laney VC15 Amp : Review

Laney VC15

Small, but much efficient

A real jewel. This small Laney amp is perfect for Blues, Rock and Country. The size, and the contained weight, make it a very good solution for who is looking for a transportable product, but without renouncing to the quality. It is equipped with 5 tubes, 3 for the pre and 2 for the output, a 10" speaker and 2 channels. It provides an output for the connection with an external cabinet. A weak point is the common equalization section. Undoubtedly, this characteristic limits the flexibility and is always a problem. Anyhow, as a whole, a very good product.

Few knobs on the front panel

Main characteristics

We have said that it is equipped with 2 channels. The first, Clean, provides the volume and a Bright switch. It makes the sound crystalline and more powerful, but for someone it could be too much obtrusive. The second, Drive, puts at disposal the volume and the control for the Overdrive. The onboard Reverb is really effective. Much pleasant. The equalization section, with lows, middle and treble, is common, as we have said at the beginning of the review. The Tone control works exactly like that on the guitar. It is a sort of compressor. Two inputs, with different sensitivity. The internal speaker is a 10" HH H1050.
As regards the tubes. Three 12AX7 for the pre and two EL83 for the output. As we have said the VC15 features some high quality characteristics, but the limited size and weight make it a perfect solution for who needs a transportable product. Moreover, for the study it is really perfect. Now, let's see other technical specifications.

  • Class
  • A/B

  • Speaker
  • 1x 10" HH H1050 8 Ohm

  • Input Impedance
  • 1 Mohm

  • Effects Loop
  • Yes

  • Footswitch
  • FS2 (Optional, Channel and Reverb)

  • Dimensions (HxWxD mm)
  • 410 x 582 x 262

  • Weight (kg)
  • 14

The rear panel

Very simple. The effects loop, with bypass and level switch (0/-10dB), the input for the FS2 footswitch, optional, and the output for the connection of an external cabinet (it automatically disconnects the internal speaker).

The rear panel is very simple

Sample settings

The manual includes some examples for the adjustings. Let's see them.

  • Clean
  • Clean
  • Blues
  • Blues
  • Blues Solo
  • Blues Solo
  • Rock
  • Rock

Final opinion

An excellent product. It is rather expensive, the Laney VC15 price is about 430 euros, but, certainly, it is worth how much it costs. This isn't the classic small amp without a soul. It delivers a really pleasant sound, with much character, harmonics and warmth. Perfect for Blues, Country and Rock.

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