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Fender Vintage Reissue '65 Super Reverb Amp : Review

Fender '65 Super Reverb

Vintage in the heart

This combo is the faithful reproduction of a real legend, the Blackface Super (1963-1968). When we think to the Stratocaster, the classic amp, in this case, is just that of our review, but it is a perfect solution for whoever is looking for a superior product. It doesn't matter which is the guitar. 4 Jensen speakers, 2 channels (Normal and Vibrato), a large number of tubes and two effects. These are the main characteristics of the '65 Super Reverb. Well, let's see the main options for the sound adjusting of this Fender amp.

The front panel is much simple, but all is separated

All is separated

The front panel, as we can see in the image above, is much simple, and provides separate controls for each channel and all the necessary for the two available effects.

  • Two inputs
  • They provide a different sensitivity. The first input guarantees a boost of 6dB.

  • Bright
  • This switch increases the high frequency response. It is particularly effective at lower volume.

  • Volume
  • The general volume.

  • Equalization
  • The first channel features the controls for lows and treble. As regards the second, the user has at his disposal also a knob for the middle.


The '65 Super Reverb is equipped with two onboard effects. The dedicated knobs on the front panel work only in the second channel. We have the level, as regards the Reverb, Speed and Intensity for the Vibrato, that works only when the footswitch is connected.

Main features

Let's see a table with the most important characteristics of this extraordinary Fender combo.

Model number021-7600-000 (120V, 60Hz) USA; 021-7660-000 (230V, 50Hz) Europe
TypeAll tube combo
Output45 watts (2 ohms)
Tubes4 X 12AX7, 2 X 12AT7, 2 X 6L6, 1 X 5AR4 (Rectifier)
Speakers4 x 10" Jensen P-10R, 8 ohm, AlNiCo Magnets, p/n 0055613000
Channels2 (Normal/Vibrato)
Weight65 lbs. (29.48 kg)
DimensionsHeight: 24 7/8" (63.2 cm), Width: 25 1/8" (63.8 cm), Depth: 10 1/2" (26.7 cm)
Accessories2-Button Footswitch for Reverb and Vibrato On/Off, p/n 0994058000

In the image below we can see the 4 onboard speakers.

Jensen P-10R

The simple rear panel

Simple and with few things

Well, few things. The two switches for the ON/OFF and for the standby, an output for an additional speaker, the jack for the footswitch, and two RCA jacks for the routing of the Reverb signal.

Final opinion

Undoubtedly, a masterpiece. If you are looking for the classic Fender sound, the legendary tone of the American company, this is the amp for you. The '65 Super Reverb price, about 1.700 euros, is legitimate.

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