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Fender Vintage Reissue '63 Reverb Amp : Review

Fender '63 Reverb Reissue
Fender 63 Reverb controls

As you can see from the few technical data, Fender doesn't give many informations. The only thing on which the American manufacturer stresses is the completely all tube nature of the object of our review.

Valves and tone

One 12AX7, one 12AT7 and one 6V6.
We have to say that the original version came with 1 Nos Rca 12AT7 and 1 7025, but the sound of this Reissue is the classic of the '60s, so, particularly suitable to Country or a modern Rock, not too much pushed. Working with the Dwell, that manages with great efficiency the Reverb harmonics, and the Tone, you can obtain a much warm sound, perfect for Blues.

Really simple

With only 3 controls you cannot make mistakes! Let's see them in detail:
it manages the equalization range, going from position 1 (deeper) to 10 (brighter).
It adjusts the Reverb level, going from "wet" to "dry".
a beautiful control, that allows to manage the harmonics. Much efficient and able to generate truly beautiful atmospheres. It must be used carefully, but above all, consciously, without to be influenced from the dry sound, but well estimating the mixing of the guitar with a possible base or with the other instruments, otherwise we will overload with an excessive amount of harmonics.


Beautiful, but too much expensive. Controls are really reduced to the minimum, but they are very efficient and able to generate a fascinating, warm and full-bodied tone. The Reverb is beautiful. The valves make their job very well, even if they are not those of the original version. Undoubtedly, it sounds well and can give satisfactions, but, on my opinion, the price derives too much from the brand. So I would buy the Reverb '63, but at a more low price. In some contexts, above all the Blues, it is perfect, but with 900 Euro (shop price), we can buy other amplifiers, more flexible and manageable.

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