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Fender Vintage Modified Super Champ XD Amp : Review

Fender Super Champ XD
Fender Super Champ XD back

It is the Fender offer, at a remarkable price, for an hybrid Combo (tubes for pre and solid state power output) with classic lines, simple and immediate controls, two channels, a complete DSP effects and also a speaker emulator. All this in a 10" Combo, light and easily transportable. 450 Euros for an amplifier of the American factory, with a good general quality and with all these features, doesn't seem excessive, after all. The preliminary remarks are therefore all in favor of the Super Champ XD. Well, one can say. The preliminary remarks are excellent. The price, considering tubes, effects and speaker emulator (that generally I don't love so much), make to hope for well.
Let's see!

Speaker emulator

This instrument emulates 16 different amplifiers that allow to sail, according to the American factory, between clean sounds and fantastic distortions, as if nothing where the matter. My feeling is the same of all the Speaker Emulator that you can find on the Market, included the famous POD. They do not convince me. But I have to say that I am biased. However, The result is good.

General features

2 12AX7 for the pre and 2 6V6 solid state for the power output and the distortion. According to Fender, this solution solves many of the problems caused from valves and generates extraordinary distortions so to make impression, (I say), also Van Halen! I have some doubts also on the two 12AX7. On the Net, I could read various comments about the fact that one of these valves is used like a phase inverter, and not in sound generation. In the substance, the Super Champ XD, cannot be considered real all tube, but a solid state or, if you want, an hybrid. However, the clean is nice. Warm, with good middle and with a sufficient harmonics number. With the addition of a thread of reverb and delay it sounds well. The distorted tones, on my opinion, are valid. Generally, they are not bad and, working with the simple and immediate controls, you can obtain positive results.


Much rich.
16 effects (Vibratone Slow/Fast, Delay 130/300/450ms, Reverb (Large Room, Concert Hall, Spring, +Delay), Chorus (Fast, Deep, +Delay, +Reverb), Tremolo (Low/Medium/High Speed).
Quality is good and allows fast results in short time.


Simple, but efficient. Voice, Treble and Bass controls. Operating range is valid.


Optional. 2 Buttons for Channel Select and FX On/Off


My personal opinion is positive, considering the price, 455 Euros. At this price is difficult to find a Combo with an high quality sound, a rich on board effects section and the qualities assurance that, however, Fender always offers to its customers. We have to say that this is not a tube product, but solid state, with 2 mysterious 12AXT for the pre section. The final result, however, is good. If you want a good combo, transportable and complete, ready to play, the Super Champ XD can be a good choice.

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