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Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior Amp : Review

Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior
Controls Fender Hot Rod Blues Junior


15 Watts, all-tube, few controls, just what is necessary, a reverb and a "Fat" switch. The speaker is a 12", rather uncommon in a 15 watts amp. A lack of this Combo is the Standby switch, always useful to preserve valves. Three 12AXT tubes for the pre, and two 6BQ5s (EL84).

Top Panel

Guitar Input

It owns an high impedance and an high sensitivity.

Master Volume

The overall volume.


This knob adjusts mids.


It boosts or cuts the low-frequency range.


It adjusts the high frequencies amount.


Really of great quality. It is exactly the classic Fender reverb.


The pre-amp. Turn it clockwise to increase gain, distortion and sustain.

"Fat" switch

This button boosts gain and sustain. It can be controlled also from the footswitch. The 1-button footswitch is not included, but it is optional (p/n 0994054000).

Rear Panel Functions

The rear panel is very simple.

"Fat" connector

If you plag in the footswitch, the switch on the top panel will be disabled.

Speaker connector

The on-board 12" speaker is connected to this jack, but if you want, you can connect, always to this jack, another 8-ohm cabinet.


The Blues Junior works well, very well. Like its name suggests, it is for Blues, certainly not for Metal or Hard Rock. But it is a quality product, so if you want to play Metal or something else, and you don't need much volume, use a pedal, suitable for your genre, and you can play everything. The tone is really awesome. The distortion is sweet and definite. The "Fat" switch is effective. When you use it the Blues Junior provides a really fat distortion with much sustain and a beautiful soul. The clean sound is good, too. It is open, clear and sweet. Much melodic. The 5 tubes make a good job, so the overall sound is warm, much warm. My opinion is that this amp is perfect to study, in fact this small combo provides an excellent result also at a low volume. There are only two lacks: the standby switch and an output for the headphones. In my opinion the price, approximately 550 Euros, is good.

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