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Fender Hot Rod Blues Deluxe Reissue Amp : Review

Fender Hot Rod Blues Deluxe Reissue

Top Panel

Standby Switch

The Standby Switch must be used during breaks in performance. This feature extends the life of the tubes.

Input 1 and 2

It provides 2 guitar inputs. The input 2 owns a lower sensitivity (-6dB). With high-output instruments, it provides a cleaner response, while with low-output instruments tone becomes darker. When 1 and 2 are used simultaneously, they are identical.

Channel Select

When pressed, the Drive channel is active.


The volume of the Normal channel.


When the Drive channel is enabled, it adjusts the pre-amp volume. Obviously, turning it clockwise increases distortion level and saturation.


It is be used in conjunction with the Drive. It is a master volume for the channel.


When pressed, this button boosts highs. Sound will turn out more open and brilliant.

Middle, Bass, Treble

The equalization section for the two channels. Generally, the controls of the Hot Rod Series are not so effective, but this doesn't happen with the Blues Deluxe Reissue.


It works after the pre-amp stage. It adds ultra-high frequencies and makes the tone much brilliant.


The level.

Pre Out / Power In

These two jacks can be used for different purposes. They can be a Send & Return for an external effects unit. The Pre Out can be connected to the Power In on another Blues Deluxe, a recorder or a Mixer.


The included footswitch can control the channel switching and reverb. When it is connected, the corresponding panel controls are overridden.

How it works

Generally, i don't like the Hot Rod Series, above all the DeVille models. But i have to say that this amp sounds very well. Really very well.


Beautiful. Warm and full of harmonics, but definite and well-balanced. Much crystalline and deep. Absolutely the Fender clean. Like i said before, the controls are much effective. After the 4/5 of the Normal channel volume, it becomes more Crunch, but always definite and clear. Absolutely pleasant.


Good and rather round. Perhaps, the use of an Overdrive can improve the overall quality. This is my own impression. However, the attack is immediate and the sustain is excellent. The Drive is effective and increases the saturation without creating a confused sound.


The Blues Deluxe Reissue is a good amp, with a pleasant soul and an excellent tone, particularly the clean channel. But not only. This combo is absolutely perfect for Blues, Country and also Rock. The street price, approximately 670 Euros, is good.

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